Arches National Park
Double O Arch Trail

Double O Arch

The Double O Arch trail is both beautiful and challenging. The trail works it's way across drifts of sand and then climbs and traverses the large fins of sandstone that fill the landscape. There is a section where the trail walks across one of the fins, a sidewalk wide path with significant drops on both sides.

At all times the views are spectacular. Take your time on this hike.

There is a fee needed to enter Arches National Park, which you can pay at a drive up entrance station immediately after you enter the park from Interstate 191.
From the entrance station, drive 16.6 miles to the end of the park road. Park in the lot for the Devils Garden.
Coordinates for the hike: 38.7825210,-109.5950380
Parking / Trailhead amenities
The parking lot is paved and has a fair number of parking spots. Unfortunately, the parking lot is often filled and you might need to park somewhere back along the loop or along the road.
There are pit toilets and a trail sign at the trail head. This is a medium length hike that is mostly unshaded. It would be a very good idea to bring plenty of water.
Trail observations
The trail exits directly from the parking lot, just to the side of the toilets. The trail starts out with a dramatic passage between tall sandstone fins, then opens up, providing long views of the surrounding incredible terrain. After reaching Landscape Arch, the trail climbs up to the level of the tops of the fins and stays near that height till the end at Double O Arch.
Be sure to take the small side trail to Black Arch Overlook. The side trail is very short, and the overlook is a nice place to take a break and enjoy the quiet of the desert.
After reaching Double O Arch, retrace your path back to the parking lot.
Trail statistics
The trail is 4.57 miles long. The sum of all the uphill climbs is 227 feet.
Trail waypoints
0.00 miParkingParking lot
0.05 miTrailheadBeginning of the trail
0.24 miRock finsRock fins
0.30 miStay leftBranch - stay left
0.68 miSand rock skySand, rock, and sky
0.71 miLandscape archLandscape arch
0.79 miFar offFar off rocks - the trail will go near these
0.85 miStay leftBranch - stay left (Sign)
0.98 miStay rightBranch - stay right
1.06 miAscentAscent up slickrock. Be careful!
1.13 miWall archSign about collapse of Wall Arch
1.28 miPartition arch?Arch seen from the trail - possibly Partition Arch?
1.45 miGo straightJunction sign. Go straight towards Double O Arch
1.58 miViewView from the trail
1.73 miFinsRock fins
1.86 miOverlook signTake a right to overlook at sign, then return and go left
1.89 miViewView from the trail
2.07 miTrail View of the trail
2.26 miArchDouble O Arch
2.26 miArchDouble O Arch
2.30 miApproachingApproaching the arch
2.34 miTurnaroundTurn around here and retrace path back to parking lot
2.34 miJunction signSign near arch detailing other trails that could be taken
2.92 miRock fin signSign about path following rock fin. Tough climb!
4.57 miEnd of trailEnd of trail
Trail map - Double O Arch Trail
Altitude chart - Double O Arch Trail Rock fins Stay left Sand rock sky Landscape arch Far off Ascent Wall arch Fins View Arch Turnaround End of trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Terrain : Canyon
Trail surface: Rocky
Trail surface: Sand
View: Open
County: Grand
State: Utah
Country: United States of America
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